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We have a variety of AGM replacement parts, from water pumps, spray head valve insert kits, diaphragm valve repair kits, spray valve gaskets, water pump shafts, solenoid valves, LED lights, impellers and hydraulic actuators.  

AGM Parts (55)

AGM 3" Spray Valve Rebuild Kit

Part Number: SV410055


AGM 100mm (4") x 80mm (3") Hydraulic Drive...

Part Number: P310116


SV4105 Spray Valve Aluminium 80mm (3") - W...

Part Number: SV4105


AGM 3" Spray Valve Diaphragm

Part Number: SV410035


SV4104 Stainless Steel Spray Valve 80mm 10...

Part Number: SV4104


SV4105-INS Spray Head Valve Insert Kit AGM

Part Number: SV4105-INS


Solenoid Valve 5/2 Normally Open (NO)

Part Number: CS110080-12


Shaft Ball Bearing (Small inner bearing) f...

Part Number: P310023